TOMIOKA Sayaka, born in Tokyo and presently lives in Kawasaki. She is a professional concert pianist. Started playing a piano at the age of three, she continued to have lessons from Mr. Yomura Sojiro till entering intoToho Gakuen in 2001, where she studied for  7 years through its High school and University. Professor Naraba Tsunemi was an she’s instructor.


In 2003 she won the Japan Piano Education Federation Audition Encouragement Award and played on Young Winners Concert. In 2004 she won first prize in the Soleil competition and performed at a concert in Tokyo-bunka-kaikan. In the same year she was invited as a special student to the Vienna International Summer Academy and played in the Austrian International Conference Center on "Best Pianist Concerts".

In 2005 she won second prize in the senior piano category of the Kanagawa music competition and played at a concert organized by the Rotary Club Yokohama.

In 2006 she won first prize and the best young pianist award on the ISA (Austria) Academy competition. She appeared on "ORF", an Austrian broadcaster, and appeared on television and radio.


Upon graduating from Toho-Gakuen University in 2008, she moved to Vienna to pursue her post-graduated studied after passing the MDW entrance exam with the best grades and studied at the MDW in the class of the late Professor Noel Flores. In 2010 she completed the course with an honor of the best grade in MDW and returned back to Japan.


In Japan she continued to study further at the "Tokyo University of Art" in the class of Professor Akira Eguchi and graduated from the university in 2012. She started her professional carrier in the same year with performing at a solo recital recommended by the Toho-Gakuen University in "Kawai Omotesando". In 2014 she regularly started solo recitals in areas like Tohoku and Okinawa. In 2016 she played piano concerts with the Seto Philharmonic Orchestra at a concert in the Kagawa Prefecture and received the sponsorship award that same year from the NPO, the Association for the Development of Young Arts and Culture Buds.


She takes place solo recitals regularly in the Kioi Hall and the Ginza-Yamaha Hall. In addition to performing mainly on pieces by Austrian composers, she also teaches the younger generation.


She has been at Tokushima -Bunri University since 2015 and studies in the class of Professor Giuseppe Mariotti and she also studies with the world-class pianist Ryoko Fukasawa.


She will give a Beethoven-zyklus and lectures this year and will have a solo concert in October at the Ginza Yamaha Hall.


She is Boesendorfer Artist in Japan.