TOMIOKA Sayaka is Japanese concert pianist born in Kawasaki City, Japan, started piano at the age of three. She graduated Toho Gakuen University after working in the music class for children attached to the University and the music department of Toho High School. During in school, she had won various competitions and auditions in Japan and overseas. In 2006 she won first prize and the best young pianist award on the ISA (Austria) Academy competition. She appeared on "ÖRF", an Austrian broadcaster, and appeared on television and radio.



Soon after graduated the University, she moved to Vienna to enter into the Post-graduate course at the University of Music and Performing Arts Vienna.where she completed at the top. Upon returning to Japan, she was enrolled in the Department of Music, Tokyo University of the Arts before started full-scale performance activities in 2012.



Since then, she has been regularly holding solo recitals at Kioi Hall and Yamaha Hall in Tokyo, while performing on invitation from Tohoku to Okinawa, including special events for consolation after great disaster, and piano-concerto with philharmonic orchestra. While she mainly plays songs by Austrian composers, she also holds many lecture concerts and public lessons to young and old.


She has studied under Sojiro Yomura, Tsunemi Naraba, the late Noel Flores, Giuseppe Mariotti, and Ryoko Fukasawa.


Sayaka has been appointed as Official Bösendorfer Artist from July 2021.